Different rules appear to govern property sales on Barbuda, charges Council Secretary Nedd

Secretary of the Barbuda Council Paul Nedd is decrying the Browne Administration’s unfair practice of selling property on Barbuda without paying the Council, as is prescribed in law.

Nedd says there seem to be two sets of laws  governing the twin-island Nation, with Barbuda always being shortchanged.

While properties continue to be sold on the sister-island, Nedd complains,  the Barbuda Council and people do not benefit.  This cannot continue, he says.

Meanwhile, the Council Secretary says  that property sales on Barbuda are also conducted differently compared  to Antigua, making it appear that there is one Constitution, but two governments.

According to Nedd, whereas an evaluation has to be sought from the Development Control Authority (DCA) before public property is sold in Antigua, this is not the case on Barbuda.