Airport taxi operators and Ministry of the Environment to team up on electric-vehicle pilot, Joseph says

Ian Joseph, President of the United Taxi Company, says that taxis operating from the V.C. Bird International Airport will be part of a pilot project to operate electric vehicles, which are safer to the environment than those using gas and diesel.

This collaboration is being managed by  the Ministry of the Environment, and the pilot is expected to kick off in the middle of 2022.

Joseph says that data will be transferred from the taxi operators to Environment officials, so that they can correlate their findings as the Government transitions to electric transportation.

He notes that the Administration is seeking to reduce the country’s dependency on fossil fuels and decrease its carbon footprint.

Joseph says the airport taxi operators will not have to incur costs for the electric vehicles.  He says the Ministry is hoping that other operators will see the benefits and opt to go green, instead of continuing to run gas or diesel vehicles.

Funding will be provided, he says, for those who show an interest.