Reclaiming, re-selling, and flipping of lands in the Willikies area are cause for concern, says UPP Candidate Alex Browne

Alex Browne, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for St. Phillip’s North, is concerned that the old practice of reclaiming assigned Crown lands – in order to sell to other people – has been revived.

In the past, Browne recalls, persons who had purchased land – or who had simply occupied a plot for decades without payment – have had those lands sold to others without their knowledge.

Some persons who faced this situation even had a title deed to the property when their parcel was sold to someone else.

According to Browne, this seems to be happening frequently in the village of Willikies.

He makes reference to a villager, reportedly in his 80s, who has been living on a piece of land for over 30 years.  Browne says the senior citizen was recently informed, by the new owner, that the land had been sold.

Therefore, Browne is asking how the parliamentary representative, Sir Robin Yearwood, can allow lands to be sold from under the very people who have supported him throughout his political career.

Meanwhile, Browne is also concerned that lands in the area are being sold at peppercorn prices and then flipped for millions of dollars.