Downed fence at Clarevue remains an issue for staff, but Gov’t claims it has no money to fix it, PSA President reports

A downed fence at the Clarevue Psychiatric Hospital still has not been addressed, although staff at the facility downed tools months ago over safety concerns.

Joan Peters, the President of the Antigua and Barbuda Public Service Association (ABPSA) – the union that represents these workers – says the excuse offered by the Government is the lack of funds to get the work done.

The Clarevue employees did return to their duties after an extended protest action, but Peters says they continue to face challenges.

In the interest of the patients, Peters notes, the staff does not want to down tools on any regular basis.  However, this seems to be the only means of bringing attention to their needs, she says.

Earlier this year – on May 3, specifically – aggrieved workers downed tools over outstanding overtime pay and their deplorable working conditions, as well.

They staged industrial action daily for about a month before the Government made moves to address their concerns.