Police investigate three acts of malicious damage, including one in which a primary-schooler was the victim

Investigations are taking place into several acts of malicious damage, including one that involved a primary-school student.

In one incident, a Nut Grove mother took her eight-year-old son to the Grays Farm Police Station, where she reported that a young man from Cooks Hill had assaulted the child.

She alleged that the boy was walking home from the Golden Grove Primary School when he was approached by the alleged offender in the vicinity of the Nut Grove basketball court.

She claims that the young man told the child he had five minutes to get to his home or he would be beaten up.

However, as the little boy began walking away, the alleged perpetrator pulled away his plastic lunch bowl and used a lighter to burn a hole in the base of the container.  Reportedly, he then threw it on the ground.

Reports say the child picked up the bowl and began to run toward his home.  At this point, the alleged offender began to throw stones at him, two of which struck the little boy: in the forehead and on the right side, respectively.

His mother and the Police were able to see visible signs of swelling to both areas, and an area of the lunch bowl appeared to be melted.

The woman was issued with a police medical form so that her son could be treated for his injuries.

This offence reportedly occurred at about 3:45 p.m. on October 10.

Meanwhile, a Grays Farm man, who was rescuing two women from a fight at the G-Spot Bar and Club on Independence Drive, was another victim of malicious damage.

Because of his act of kindness, the front passenger window of his Toyota Corolla motorcar was broken out by an unknown woman.

Reports say that during a fracas involving several people, the man allowed the two women – whom he knew from his village – to go into his vehicle for safety.

However, another woman, with whom he is not familiar, began to kick the vehicle’s left window, breaking the glass in the process.

The Police conducted investigations into the altercation and had to issue medical forms to several women and a man – from the Grays Farm and Clare Hall communities – who were injured during the incident.

A Cashew Hill and a Cooks Hill resident were also issued medical forms; but they reportedly left the hospital before receiving attention.

This offence reportedly occurred at about 2:44 a.m. on October 12.

Finally, in another incident, an unknown person slashed a tyre on the food trailer of a 51-year-old Willikies resident.

The man reportedly had parked the vehicle, intact and undamaged, on the western side of his house on the morning of October 8.

However, when he returned on the morning of the following day, he discovered the damage.

Allegations are that a perpetrator had used a sharp implement to slash the trailer’s left rear tyre, valued at $130.