Father accuses son of malicious damage after he reportedly kicks in bedroom door of Bathlodge home

A Bathlodge man has made a report to the Police, alleging that his
son had damaged his property maliciously.

Reports say that Steadroy Benjamin complained to the Criminal
Investigations Department (CID) that his 33-year-old son had
committed damage to a door in his home, where the young man also
The alleged offence occurred at about 12:30 a.m. on December 4.
Reportedly, the 70-year-old father was awakened by a loud noise
coming from the direction of his bedroom. When he went to
investigate, he saw his son kicking the bedroom door.
Apparently, a portion of the door – valued at $350 – had caved in on
account of the kicking and fallen on the floor.
Officers reportedly searched the area and its surroundings for the
alleged offender, but without success.