Contingent of local police officers goes off to St. Lucia to assist RSS with control of rising crime there

A six-member team of local police officers have joined the Regional Security System (RSS) deployment in St. Lucia to assist their counterparts in restoring law and order.

The team of officers from the Police Force departed Antigua and Barbuda on Sunday, July 17.

Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodney was at the airport with the officers as they were preparing to depart. He thanked them for selflessly answering the call to duty and for their commitment to service at this critical time.

He further admonished the team to be professional and to remain disciplined in whatever they set out to do.

The team, led by Sergeant Clint Spencer, was highly motivated and in good spirits as they departed.

This exercise is in keeping with the mandate of the RSS to provide security assistance to its member states — in this case St. Lucia — as it is currently experiencing a rapid increase in violent crimes.

As a result, the contingent of officers will be part of the RSS operation for a period of three weeks in the first instance.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne and Attorney General and Minister of Public Safety, have commended the officers for their commitment and readiness to lend support to our regional partners.