Social Protection Board asks patrons to respect its staff and its health-protection policies

The Social Protection Board is asking members of the public to stop verbally abusing its staff and to adhere to the rules and protocols of its office.

This advice comes in response to a letter, written by a concerned resident and published by an online news outlet, that complains about the behaviour of an employee.

The letter, captioned “Targeted and Disrespected by Government Employee,” and dated April 21, 2023, outlines the person’s experience while visiting the office of the Social Protection Board.

In a statement issued over the weekend, the Board is assuring its beneficiaries and the public that it takes its duty of care very seriously.

It confirms its resolve to treat every individual who seeks assistance at its office with respect, consideration and excellent customer service in a professional manner.

However, in the same vein, the Board is requesting that its clients show respect to the staff and to the policies that are in place to protect its workers and customers alike.

Persons are therefore asked to refrain from using indecent language and harassing staff members.

According to the Board, it is mindful that COVID-19, the seasonal flu, and other strains of influenza continue to affect residents. It says these illnesses pose a significant risk to the most vulnerable residents who are serviced daily from the establishment.

To this end, the Board is strongly encouraging patrons to adhere to its face mask policy.

All persons entering the office of the Social Protection Board should be wearing a mask.  Anyone without the face covering is typically sold or offered a complimentary mask, the Board says.

While it welcomes constructive feedback from its clientele, in order to better serve the public, the Board says it also believes in respect for its staff, who distribute vouchers and other necessary aid.