A man who allegedly committed a crime, and then jumped into the St. John’s Habour to make his escape, is now in police custody assisting with their investigations.

The man had to be fished from the water by members of the Antigua and Barbuda Coast Guard Unit.

Unconfirmed reports say the man was being chased when he made a dive into the water in the area off Redcliffe and Heritage Quays.

A video of his capture, now circulating widely on social media, shows him being escorted from the Coast Guard boat by police officers dressed in black.

He was taken to a waiting police pick-up and placed in the back before being driven away from the Redcliffe Quay area.

The young man is wearing a pair of jeans, a black shirt and a face mask. However, he appears not to be wearing any shoes.

A woman’s voice can be heard in the video, accusing the man of burning her mother’s bus. She is also heard saying that she could not believe the man – to whom she referred as Charlie – had done that to her family.

She appeared relieved that he was finally apprehended and shouted to the handcuffed man that he was “too wicked.”

Other persons on the scene are also heard shouting, telling the young man that unspeakable things would be done to him while he is in prison.

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