Browne reportedly on the war path, threatening ALP candidates to shape up or be removed from his election slate

With the constitutionally due General Elections only months away, and with situations in the country clearly not all together, Prime Minister Gaston Browne reportedly has lashed out at his candidates, doubling down on a threat he made about two weeks ago.
Reports say that Browne, the leader of the Antigua Labour Party, met with his candidates – including those who are not members of the Executive – on Wednesday, November 2, during the weekly Cabinet meeting.
Sources say they all received the proverbial tongue lashing, as Browne doubled down on his order to shape up or be removed as candidates.
According to the sources, Browne appears to be running scared and is in fear of losing the election, considering what is to come if he does.
REAL News Correspondent George Wehner confirms that, according to his sources, Browne read his candidates the “riot act.” He believes that, based on the Prime Minister’s behaviour, elections are close.
The United Progressive Party (UPP), which has been in campaign mode for over two years, has been imploring Browne to call the elections – which he, himself, had hinted would take place early, as happened in 2018.