Daytime mugging in St. John’s underscores importance of seasonal warnings issued by Police

Less than 24 hours after the Police issued their annual Christmas warning and guide for the busy shopping season, a woman has reported being robbed at knife-point in St. John’s.

Karen Gardner, in a post on Facebook, indicated that she was on the corner of New and Cross Streets, when the lone robber approached her.

She says the man took her wallet, which contained her IDs, including her vaccination card; three bank cards; and about $110 in cash.

The woman claims the man was about to stab her before she decided to surrender her wallet and began to scream.

She says that she was on her cell phone at the time, and so the man did not snatch it from her.

Gardner, an employee at the AIDS Secretariat, is cautioning women to be careful while walking alone.

Meanwhile, if anyone finds the wallet, said to be burgundy in colour, or any of her ID and bank cards, Gardner asks that she be contacted  at 729-2514 or at her workplace.

Meanwhile, the Police say the safety and security of the public remain high on their agenda; as such, they say that residents can look forward to the implementation of several crime-fighting measures going into the Christmas season.

These will include an increased   number of officers on the streets, comprising intense foot and mobile patrols, as well as regular “Stop and Search” exercises and traffic checks in targeted areas.

The Police are also appealing to residents to be more vigilant about their personal safety, as well as the security of their properties.

Persons are advised against carrying around and exposing excess cash in public places, and to be on the alert for counterfeit currencies. Any suspicious activity should be reported to the Police without delay.

“Be extremely cautious when using Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), and avoid disclosing your PIN,” the Police further caution.

If in the process of using an ATM, persons observe that it was tampered with, they should discontinue their transaction and report the matter to the management of the financial institution, the Police advise.