Works Ministry begins repairing damaged section of Crabbe Hill Main Road, and advises of closures and single-lane traffic

The Ministry of Works will finally be undertaking repairs of the roadway and the seawall after months of threat to motorists who traverse the Crabbe Hill Main Road.

A long crack appeared in one section of the road on Tuesday, September 7, and this worsened in less than 24 hours, with portions falling in and creating holes.

Samantha Marshall, the parliamentary representative for St. Mary’s South, subsequently visited the area to examine the extent of the damage, which stretched between  Crabbe Hill and the Keona Hotel.

She promised, then, that the Ministry of Works and other relevant agencies would be notified, with the aim of addressing the issue in a timely manner.

Finally, in a notice to the public on Monday, December 6, the Ministry of Works began repairs to the roadway, as well as reinforcement of the seawall to prevent it from being breached by the sea.  The work will continue for at least three weeks, officials say.

In the first instance, this section of the main road was closed on Monday, and is to reopen at 4 a.m. on Wednesday, December 8,  to single-lane traffic.

According to the Ministry, its engineers and technicians, as well as police officers, conducted an assessment of the situation and have agreed on the safety precautions to be followed.

Therefore, in addition to the roadway being restricted to single-lane traffic only, heavy-duty equipment and trucks will not be allowed to traverse that area.  Only cars and other light vehicles will be permitted to use the affected section, the Ministry advises.

Officials confirm that the damage presents a hazard to road users and are asking the public to heed notices placed along the roadway, and to be cautious while traveling in this part of Crabbe Hill.