Friends of Mount St. John’s gifts hospital with heart-evaluation machine, which is to be placed in Out-Patient Clinic

The Friends of Mount St. John’s Medical Centre has made a timely donation that will greatly assist doctors in diagnosing heart conditions.  Reports say the medical equipment, an electro-cardiograph, was purchased for more than $15,000.

An electro-cardiograph is used to evaluate the heart and different types of heart challenges, as well as to detect whether someone has an issue with his/her heart’s normal function.

While there is similar equipment in other areas of the hospital, says Salma Crump, the head of marketing and communications, this particular machine will be placed in the Out-Patient Clinic to improve efficiency and better serve the public.

Crump says that support from private entities is given to medical facilities all over the world, and the Friends has always been a good partner to the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre.

She is therefore encouraging residents to support the local charitable organizations that continue to make a great difference in how healthcare is delivered to the population.

While some people have complained about the lack of equipment at the medical facility, or certain machines not being operational, Crump explains that – in order to ensure optimal use – these machines sometimes have to be taken offline for servicing or repairs.  

Other partners who have made donations to the hospital include the Rotary Clubs, Kiwanis, Optimists, and FirstCaribbean International Bank/CIBC, which, Crump says, will be making a donation to the institution shortly.

There are many other donors, she adds, some of whom have given on an anonymous basis, and she expresses appreciation for both past and future gifts, including to the Pediatric Neonatal Unit.