Current shortage of eggs is due to disruption in feed supply and high hotel occupancy, says Layer Association president

The current disruption in the food-supply chain is causing a shortage of eggs on the island, even though Antigua and Barbuda does not import the commodity.

What is directly impacted by the disruption, however, is the importation of feed for the laying chickens.

Emanuel Peters, President of the Layer Association, says members have had to seek feed outside the region, and this has interrupted the regular production of the birds.

Additionally, there is an unusual increase in the demand for eggs at this time of year, because of the high hotel occupancy, he explains.

Peters is predicting, however, that egg production will be back to normal in the next few weeks, in time for the Christmas season. He says there are “over 15,000 to 20,000 new birds which should be laying at peak production in the next two to three weeks” and these “would cover the shortfall of eggs” now being experienced.