One man is nursing wounds following altercation over marijuana plants

An issue of stolen marijuana plants has resulted in a wounding incident involving a Parham Town man.

Reports are that the officers at the Parham Police Station became aware of the altercation after an anonymous person telephoned them and reported that there was a fight at a residence in Parham in the vicinity of the Parham Fisheries Complex.

During the investigation the officers observed one of the men holding on to the other, who had what appeared to be blood coming from different parts of his body to include his mouth, leg and hand. 

Further reports are that a police corporal spoke to the alleged attacker who was holding the victim.

The perpetrator, who is aged 30, of Market Street, Parham told the police that someone entered into his yard and stole four of his marijuana plants, the quantity prescribed by law.

He reported that the following day (January 24) he met his fellow villager and confronted him about the marijuana plants.

As a result of the response, the attacker allegedly held on to the other man and started to beat him with a cutlass about his body. As a result of the beating incident both men had a scuffle.

Reportedly the victim told the police that he went to purchase marijuana from his attacker and while doing so he confronted him about coming into his yard and stealing a quantity of marijuana plants and then started to beat him with a cutlass about his body.

The victim was issued with a Police Medical Form and was later transported to the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre by the Emergency Medical Service (EMS).

Inquiries into the incident, which reportedly occurred about 9:10am on January 24, continues.

Additionally, a search warrant was executed on the home of the perpetrator by officers from the Parham Police Station that same day, however, nothing of interest was found.