J’Nai Spencer achieves another academic milestone, earning her Masters degree with merit

REAL News and the Progressive FM family are congratulating J’Nai Spencer on achieving another academic milestone.

J’Nai, the only daughter of former Prime Minister Dr. Baldwin Spencer and Mrs. Jacklyn Spencer, completed a postgraduate degree – a Masters in International Business with Merit – from the University of Birmingham, England, on June 27.

She will be graduating next week, July 20, although not attending the conferment in person.

J’Nai, who works in the field of marketing and promotions with a regional company, earned her first degree, in that aspect of business, from Midwestern University in Texas.

She says it took a lot of discipline, time management and hard work to balance studying for her Masters with caring for her young son and performing on the job. Acccordingly, she is not only happy to have completed her second degree, but proud of herself, too.

Her parents are no less pleased with this latest accomplishment, with her mother, Jackie, proudly declaring, “That’s my daughter!”

We join the family in saying, “Congratulations and Well done!”