Disappointed primary-school teacher puts questions to Ministers and tells them to give praise where it is really due

Educators continue to complain that the Executive has failed to acknowledge their contributions to the success of the Grade Six National Assessments.

“It would be illogical to solely attribute the high passes to a vaccine mandate,” a teacher says in response to the Cabinet’s statement.

Accordingly, she poses a number of questions to the Cabinet Ministers: “What of the hard work and sacrifices of the teachers, the parents and students? What of the years previously when said students would have been at home engaging in online learning?”

Continuing her lament, she asks: “What of the teachers who went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that even students who were unable to access the Google Classroom platform were also adequately met with printed copies of work?”

Expressing her disappointment with the Cabinet’s self-appointed honours, she advises the Executive to “give praises where praises are due. Salute the parents, the students and the dedicated teachers of our primary schools.”

Meanwhile, two primary-school teachers say they are so discouraged by the snub that they are thinking about “cutting off all news going forward.”