Search warrants executed on Pares Village premises unearth cultivated and cured cannabis and prompt several arrests

Police officers executed a search warrant at a Pares Village residence in the presence of the several men under investigation, but nothing of interest was found. However, one was arrested in connection with a report of assault with a firearm.

Meanwhile, the July 13 search also unearthed the cultivation of 1,626 cannabis plants and seedlings in addition to a quantity of cured cannabis. The marijuana plants were uprooted and, along with the other items, were taken to the Parham Police Station for investigation purposes.

An Urlings man, reportedly a co-occupant of the premises, along with two members of the Pares Village familv were arrested on suspicion of cultivation of cannabis.

One of them, a 51-year old, was subsequently charged for the unlawful possession of the controlled drug cannabis.

Further, while executing a search warrant at the home of a 28-year-old male carrying the same surname, the Police reportedly discovered 27 small Ziploc bags containing a bushy substance.

These bags, along with the alleged defendant, were also taken to the Parham Police Station for further investigation.

Additionally, during a search executed on the premises of yet another family member, a quantity of plant materials resembling cannabis was found and taken to the station for investigation.

In this instance, two persons, including a woman, were arrested on suspicion of possession of cannabis.