Ahead of World Kidney Health Day, which will be celebrated worldwide on Thursday, March 11, nephrologist Dr. George Mansoor  is advising that kidney disease can be silent, in some instances, and persons affected might not be aware of, it at first.

He says some people are at a higher risk of developing kidney issues if they have “background diseases” that can lead to complications and subsequent kidney failure.

These ailments include lupus, hypertension, diabetes and a family history of kidney issues.The disease can also be hereditary, but this is not common. Dr. Mansoor notes, also, that men with prostate issues are at risk for developing the disease.

Persons who have donated a kidney should get regular check-ups to ensure that their remaining organ is functioning properly, the  doctor advises.

He adds that persons diagnosed with the disease since childhood should have regular visits with their doctor and take regular blood tests to see if their kidneys are working in the way they should.

Dr. Mansoor says there are two different regimens to be followed by those with kidney disease and those trying to avoid getting it.

He says following these steps will reduce a person’s chances of getting complications related to the kidney.

Meanwhile, according to Dr. Mansoor, there are some medications that make kidney conditions worse.He advises that persons be careful when purchasing over the counter drugs, including painkillers.

Dr. Mansoor says the most common causes of kidney disease in the Caribbean – and the world – are hypertension and diabetes. These are referred to as non-communicable diseases, since they are largely lifestyle diseases due to weight gain and poor diet.

The doctor says that while kidney disease does not discriminate, more men tend to become hypertensive, causing kidney disease, while more women are diagnosed with diabetes, which also leads to the disease.

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