AIDS Secretariat targets the under-served Spanish community as it celebrates World AIDS Day today

As Antigua and Barbuda celebrates “World AIDS Day,” observed on December 1 annually, attention will be placed on the Hispanic community.

Oswald Hannays, Senior Educator and Counselor in the AIDS Secretariat, says the education drive targeting this group has been progressing; however, he admits that the community has been under-served over the years. 

The language barrier has posed a problem, Hannays says, but measures have been put in place to address it.

Meanwhile, a special event targeting the Spanish community will be held on Friday, December 2.

Leading up to today’s celebration of World AIDS Day, several pre-activities were held, including a church service on Sunday, November 27, and a HIV-education campaign in the schools.

Today, dubbed a “Red Ribbon” day, there will be a street fair at which persons can get tested, as well as the annual march through St. John’s.

Other activities are also set for Barbuda, and these will run between December 8 -10.  These include an HIV Testing and Health Screening exercise at the Fisheries Complex; a Glow March through Codrington; a street fair; a church service; and an HIV-awareness dance.

The theme for this year is ” Equalize.”