Vere Bird III says electorate and ALP leadership are to blame for inflicting ‘monstrosity’ of PM Browne on this country

Vere Bird III, an attorney-at-law and a former member of the Antigua Labour Party (ALP), says this country needs to rid itself of the leadership of Prime Minister Gaston Browne.

He says that Browne has been the worst experience this country has ever had, with his insulting and dictatorial style.  

However, Bird says the electorate has helped to create what he terms the “monstrosity” of Browne and this new Labour Party – even though voters might have a hard time stomaching the truth and facing up to what they have done.

The leadership of the ALP must also shoulder some of the blame, Bird says, since it knew that there was a serious issue with Browne that needed to be addressed.

In most cases, persons try to address a problem before it festers, the attorney notes.  However, he says that Labour Party members believe that one must first get into office and then worry about fixing the issues later.

As the General Elections loom, Bird says the electorate needs to stop burying its collective head in the sand and take decisive action to remove Browne and the Labour Party from office.

Bird says the people are struggling while Browne, his ministers, family and friends are benefiting on their backs.  This cannot be allowed to continue, he says, and therefore the logical thing is to remove them from office.