UPP Candidates, present and past, rally behind Lovell and criticize police aggression

Members and Candidates of the United Progressive Party (UPP) are expressing disgust at the behaviour of police officers this morning, December 14, at the picket of the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Corthwright Marshall, Candidate for St. Mary’s South, says that officers’ attempts to relocate the picketers did not make sense, since the protesters  were not impeding anyone’s passage and were picketing a particular office.

Marshall says the Police seemed to be operating under the dictate of government ministers.

Another UPP Candidate, Alex Browne, says the Police always come up with one reason or another to try to intimidate picketers and get them to disperse.

Meanwhile, Browne, the Candidate for St. Phillip’s North, says he fully backs Political Leader Harold Lovell and his two colleagues, whose cases were thrown out by the High Court last month.

Regarding the confrontation with the Police, UPP Mobilization Officer George Wehner says that he was willing to lay down his life in defense of justice.

He says the Police should do their jobs fairly and stop following the dictates of the political administration.

Also on the picket line this morning was Mervyn Richards, former UPP Candidate for St. John’s City South.  Richards says his participation was two-fold: In support of his Party and in protest of the continued late payment of pensions.

While Social Security pensions are not being paid on time, he complains that the Government will spend money to appeal the Buses Case.