Emergency-room doctors alert CID officers to two wounding incidents after victims seek care at the hospital

Two people – one of whom is a teenager – were wounded in separate
Reports say that a doctor from the Emergency Room telephoned the Criminal
Investigations Department (CID) and reported that a patient with a bleeding
wound to the head was at the hospital.
Officers responded and left for duty at the hospital, where they saw a 57-year-
old Bathlodge resident in the ER nursing wounds to her head.
Reports say the woman had been at home when her neighbour’s children
allegedly came into her house and took some of her personal belongings.
While she was chiding them about the alleged incident, their mother
reportedly confronted her and told her not to speak to her children.

Reportedly, the neighbour then attacked and beat the home-owner about her
body and in the head.
The victim sustained wounds to the back of her head as a result of the alleged
beating. Fortunately, the woman’s injuries are not life threatening, although
she received five sutures to the head and was subject to further medical care.
Meanwhile, another doctor from the hospital reported to the CID that a 15-
year-old Nut Grove teen, a student of the Ottos Comprehensive School, had
been injured.
This offence reportedly occurred at about 11:36 a.m. on May 14 in Ottos.
Officers met the teenager at the hospital in the presence of his mother.
Reports say the young man sustained wounds to his left and right arms, as a
result of being attacked by another student of the same school with a pair of
The victim’s condition was said to be stable when he was taken to the hospital.