Barbuda crowns Mr. and Ms. Teen Caribana – Jarell Dyer and Jenacia Butler – after Thursday launch of its annual festival

Barbuda’s Caribana festival is now underway, the first competition having
been held following the official opening of the event.
On Thursday night, May 16, the Mr. and Ms. Teen Caribana show was held,
with two youngsters crowned in the male and female categories. Jarell Dyer
and Jenacia Butler took the top spots, reportedly after a night of “amazing”
talent on display.
The teens are said to have dazzled the audience with performances in a
number of segments, including Creative Career, Talent Showcase, and

The competition, which forms part of the 40th -anniversary celebration of
Caribana, was sponsored by State Insurance Company Limited and featured
seven teenagers.

Tonight, May 17, three young women will take part in the Rhythm of Culture
Miss Caribana Cultural Swimsuit Show at 8 p.m. at Caribana City.
Caribana runs from May 16 to 20, with a number of other events and
competitions slated to be held during this period.