ACB Caribbean warns its customers to protect privacy and not to ‘click on link’ of email message sent out by scammers

Scammers allegedly are targeting the customers of a local bank, and the
financial institution is alerting its customers to the danger.
In a notice to its customer base, ACB Caribbean says, “It has come to our
attention that an email message that appears to come from ACB Caribbean is
being circulated.” Apparently, the message includes a link asking clients to
“click here” to see an unapproved transaction.
The bank is warning its customers to be aware that this is a phishing email.
ACB Caribbean assures its clients that it would never contact them via an
email message that asks them to click on any link to view or verify a
transaction. Further, since their safety is a top priority, the bank says that
persons receiving such an email should ignore it in order to protect their
personal information.
Rather, customers should remain vigilant and report such activity
immediately to the institution’s customer service team