Youth pleads guilty and is fined $27k for illegal possession of gun and ammunition he claims he found on Hawksbill Beach

One of several men who were taken into custody on the weekend – after
search warrants were executed at their homes – has been convicted and fined.
Ajahni Murray, 20, of King Obstinate Drive, appeared in the St. John’s
Magistrates Court on charges of gun and ammunition possession.
The Police had arrested and charged him for possession of a 9mm Glock pistol
and seven corresponding bullets, without holding a firearm-user’s license.

Apparently, the weapon had been stolen, although Murray reportedly claimed
he had found the gun at Hawksbill Beach.
He pleaded guilty to the charges and was convicted and fined $27,000. The
King Obstinate Drive resident was given 30 days to pay the money or serve a
three-month prison sentence.
Reports say the Police executed a search warrant at Murray’s home on
Saturday, May 11. During the search, officers observed the young man
throwing the weapon out of his bathroom window.
He was subsequently taken into custody for having the illegal items in his