Gray Hill woman arms herself with a cutlass and then begins ‘bawling out,’ causing intruder to run from her home empty-handed

The shouts of a Gray Hill woman reportedly scared off a man who had entered
her home in the mid-morning hours of May 7.
Reports say the woman was lying in her bed when she heard noise coming
from an eastern bedroom. Scared, she reportedly armed herself with a cutlass
and locked herself in before she began crying out loudly.
The intruder then fled the house.
According to her reports, the woman looked out of an eastern window and
saw a young man – dressed in a blue tie-dyed shirt and wearing a pink bucket
hat – running to the southern side of her home.
Allegedly, the unknown young man had removed a mosquito screen from a
push-up window in a southern bedroom to enter the house. Fortunately, he
was not able to steal anything before the home-owner sounded the alarm.
A search carried out in the surrounding areas for anyone fitting the
description was not successful.
Officers from the Grays Farm Police Station are still conducting investigations
into this incident, which took place at about 11 a.m.