Heavy rains again expose condition of refurbished Post Office, with threat of electrical shock still being a concern

Concerns are being expressed about the potential dangers facing workers at the General Post Office (GPO) in instances of heavy rainfall.
Photos of the building’s interior, including the office areas, document the flooding of the Post Office during the inclement weather of Monday, November 7.
Water pooled on the floor, reportedly soaking documents that were stored in cardboard boxes, while waste-paper baskets were seen catching the water that dripped from the ceiling.
However, the overwhelming concern was about the electrical wires that run from the ceiling alongside the water from the leaks. This situation created the risk of electrocution, critics say, and was among the complaints expressed by workers back in 2018.

On account of the poor working conditions, including the leaking roofs and pest infestations, the employees downed tools on several occasions.
After the second such protest action, the Browne Administration hired a private contractor to carry out repairs on the building, which is over 50 years old and has been plagued by problems for many years.
The work included general upgrades and deep cleaning, while minor work was undertaken during the afternoon period.
Major renovation commenced on the government building in early December 2018, with promises that all issues would be addressed in a timely manner. The staff was relocated temporarily while the work was underway and new furniture was being installed.
However, since those renovations – and as early as January 2019 – the building experienced leaking issues during a heavy downpour.
Now, residents are asking what degree of work was actually done on the building, which the Ministry of Works admitted has outlived its useful life.