UPP postpones Thwaites Corner rally due to weather uncertainty and late-running court hearing on ‘Shugy’ matters

The first public rally to be hosted by the United Progressive Party (UPP) since the January 18 elections has been postponed, Party officials say, owing to the inclement weather and a late-running court hearing.

The rally, promoted under the tagline “The People’s Parliament,” was scheduled to be held at the historic Thwaites Corner tonight, February 9.  

However, the decision was taken by the leadership to postpone the event, since heavy showers have been sweeping the country all day, with at least a 20% chance of more rain tonight.  

“Given the venue, which really does not allow supporters to remain in their vehicles, the weather is proving to be a challenge,” says Political Leader Jamale Pringle.  

In addition, he notes that the legal matter involving St. Mary’s South representative Kelvin “Shugy” Simon was heard today at the High Court and ran longer than had been expected, until after 2 p.m.

“With all this in mind, we felt that the right thing to do was postpone the meeting until we are satisfied that our supporters will have the best experience,” Pringle says.

A new date has not yet been set, other Party officials say, but is likely to be influenced by the decision of the Court on the matter involving Simon.  

Interests supporting the Antigua Labour Party have sought an injunction preventing the UPP’s St. Mary’s South representative from being sworn in when Parliament is convened next Friday, February 17.

This afternoon, the court reserved a decision on that injunction application, filed by a constituent.  

On the matter of Simon’s eligibility to contest the elections – given his status as a civil servant on Nomination Day – a decision is also pending, the UPP’s legal team reports.