DeFreitas thanks God for imminent elections, noting they are the only reason for roadworks being undertaken in City South

Roads in the St. John’s City South constituency are currently being repaired, in what many perceive as an election gimmick by the Antigua Labour Party Administration and the incumbent, Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin.

For years, roads in these communities have been in a deplorable and dilapidated condition, according to Franz deFreitas, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for the constituency.

Accordingly, he says it is a shame and disgrace that such things are being done only on the eve of an election.  As an example, he notes that, for quite some time, the residents of Palm Drive (off American Road) have been suffering due to the condition of their road; however, it is now being graded for resurfacing.

Apparently, the last time any major road work was undertaken in the constituency was during the UPP’s first term in office.  Hence, the UPP Candidate says that God must be thanked for elections, or nothing would ever get done in this country.