Livestock farmer, the victim of an early-morning hit-and-run accident, in serious condition at hospital and in need of blood

A Cooks Hill man is in the hospital, in serious condition, after he was struck by a hit-and-run driver early Monday morning, December 5.

Reports are that Cecil Alphonse – who is more commonly known as “Steve” – is at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre nursing a range of injuries, including broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and bruises about the body. Accordingly, family members say he is heavily sedated.

Alphonse, a farmer, is in urgent need of O-positive blood, and his family is making an appeal to the public, noting that any blood type will be accepted.

Reports are that Alphonse was riding his bicycle, on the way to his pig farm, when an unknown motorist struck him. The driver reportedly did not notify anyone about the accident, but drove away from the scene, leaving Alphonse for dead.

Further reports say that another person who was on the way to his own farm saw Alphonse’s damaged bicycle – just before the roundabout at Creekside and in the vicinity of a roti shop – and went in search of him.

He reportedly discovered the injured Cooks Hill man in some nearby bushes and notified the Police and the Emergency Medical Services (EMS).  The Police subsequently notified the family about the accident, which reportedly occurred just before 5 a.m.

Meanwhile, the family and the Police are appealing to the driver to turn him/herself in immediately.  Relatives also tell REAL News they will be making attempts to identify the driver via CCTV footage in the area.

Senator Richard Lewis, a friend of the family, describes this incident as a very traumatic and rough time for the family, since Alphonse is the breadwinner.  And at this time of year, he says, the Cooks Hill man usually would have his animals ready for the market.

Lewis describes Alphonse as quiet, jovial and peaceful and says this turn of events is very unfortunate, indeed.