Senator Joseph says acquisition of ‘library land’ in Jennings – for the benefit of the people – will be priority when he is elected

Johnathan Joseph, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for St. Mary’s North, is promising to acquire the land in Jennings where MP Molwyn Joseph had constructed a library – purportedly for the constituency.

However, after Sir Molwyn lost his seat in the 2004 general elections, he allegedly refused to have the community library used; the building rotted away and became a breeding ground for vermin and a shelter for animals.

Senator Joseph pledges that – once elected – one of his first tasks will be to table a resolution in the Lower House of Parliament for the acquisition of the property in the interest of the public and the people of St. Mary’s North.

The UPP Candidate also references a pump house from which a direct water line leads to Sir Molwyn’s residence. He is promising that this will be looked into once the administration changes.

Meanwhile, Joseph accuses Sir Molwyn of trying to mingle with constituents at this time – in a bid for re-election – after having abandoned them for the past four years.  But he adds that the MP’s neglect of St. Mary’s North dates back further than this current term.  

Now, Joseph says, the Labour Party candidate is making a number of promises, for which the people are not falling.

According to Joseph, Sir Molwyn is unable to give an account of his stewardship in the constituency.  And, instead of pleading with the people to vote for him, the MP should let them know what he has done – and how he intends to develop the people and the respective communities.

Further, Joseph wants Sir Molwyn to give account for the over 70 acres he is alleged to have acquired and the land reportedly given to the Chinese.