Simon’s condition improving, but treatment hampered by ulcer and infection; transfer to another facility might be needed

Relatives of national cyclist Andre Simon are giving an update on his condition after he was flown to Texas, USA, for further medical treatment.

While Simon has a pressure ulcer (or bed sore) on his posterior region, family members say his vital signs are great and his breathing through his nose is increasingly better.

This, reportedly, is a good sign, since it brings Simon one step closer to having the breathing tube removed from his throat.

The relative further reports that Simon’s physical appearance is returning to normal and the bruises around his body are healing. 

While he had been put on anti-seizure medication, the doctors now plan to wean him off them, since he is not showing any signs of seizures, the family member says, and the drug can leave him feeling drowsy or cloudy.

Simon is said to be taking food really well and the family is hopeful that he will return to his normal weight soon.

In spite of this progress, the family may be plunged into further expense, since Simon may have to be transferred to a specialized (LTAC) facility to deal with his wound and resultant infection.

This wound – classified as Stage 3 – is reportedly hampering Simon’s treatment programme. As a result, an X-ray was reportedly taken to determine whether the infection had reached the bone. Fortunately, it had not.  

However, his family says this challenge could mean additional delays and expenses for the second medical facility.

In the meantime, they say, Simon is now using a specialized bed (an air-fluidized therapy) to help the wound heal fast and minimize the need for constantly turning him.

Funds are still being raised to meet the national cyclist’s medical expenses.