Weston advises Browne to spend less time arguing on social media, noting it devalued his voice and administration’s work

Lennox Weston, the former de facto Minister of Finance and Minister of Works, says Prime Minister Gaston Browne should seek to reduce the time he spends on social media and focus on his government’s agenda, instead.

In an interview with TwinIsland Media on Wednesday, February 9, Weston describes Browne as his own worst enemy.   

Noting how much the prime minister delights in online sparring with critics, Weston says that engaging in such frivolous debates has reduced Browne’s status and the quality of his voice and contributions.

According to Weston, more time should have been spent by PM Browne promoting his administration’s successes and less on his social-media platforms in idle chatter.

However, Weston says it is going to be difficult to convince Browne to change his behaviour – adding that this is not for want of trying.

The former Cabinet minister’s response appeared to imply that the time Browne spent on social media, rather than promoting the achievements of his government, could have contributed to the results of the recent election.  

Although the Labour Party retained the government, it now has six fewer seats than its previous term in office.

Weston further advises Browne to stop allowing others to distract him from doing the job he was elected to do.

Nonetheless, he retains some confidence in Browne’s ability to lead the Labour Party and the country.

Meanwhile, speaking about life after politics – since he was not appointed to the Senate or any other official position – Weston says he will continue to survive.   

He notes that only 10 years of his life were spent in government, and he reminds his audience that he had a professional life before politics.

Weston was defeated in the January 18 General Election by the United Progressive Party’s candidate, Sherfield Bowen, in the constituency of St. Phillip’s South.