Surge of Saharan dust affecting this country could trigger health problems among sensitive people, Destin warns

A fresh surge in the Saharan dust across the region will have some degree of negative impact on the air quality in Antigua and Barbuda.
As a result, the Meteorological Services (MET Office) has issued an Air Quality Bulletin, which remains in effect until Thursday, November 10.
Forecaster Dale Destin says the air quality is down to moderate levels as a result of particulate matters associated with the Saharan dust.

While the air quality is acceptable, generally, Destin notes that it does pose an elevated threat for health problems – particularly for unusually sensitive people, such as asthmatics, and could also potentially cause them limited health impacts.
According to Destin, sensitive groups of people with respiratory or heart disease; the elderly; and children are most at risk. Therefore, they should limit prolonged outdoor exertion, he says.