Election loss will not stop deFreitas’ development programmes, since he says education is key to changing City South mindset

His development programme for St. John’s City South continues – in spite of his loss at the polls – says Franz deFreitas, the United Progressive Party (UPP) caretaker for the constituency.

If change is to be brought about, deFreitas says, then education must remain a main pillar of the programme, especially since City South urgently needs to progress for the benefit of the people.

Accordingly, he remains busy organizing his activities, including CSEC classes, which were up and running prior to the General Election, while he is looking to add new initiatives.

Going forward, deFreitas notes the role that education will play in shaping the mindset of constituents and preparing them to make better choices.

The UPP caretaker says that unscrupulous politicians will continue to prey on, and use, the people whom they deem to be lacking a proper education.

But deFreitas is confident that education will bring about change in terms of how the electorate votes; and, while it may not be a quick fix, it will eventually reap benefits.

While most of his programmes target school-aged children, there are also learning projects in the pipeline for adults, including senior citizens, de Freitas says.

This is because education will be a key to beating corruption and the bribery that takes place every election cycle.