Prime Minister says Special Economic Zone Act will be amended to address no-tax concerns

The Gaston Browne Administration will return to  Parliament  in order to amend the Special Economic Zone Act, saysPrime Minister Gaston Browne.

Browne and his Administration have come in for stinging criticism on account of these Special Zones, which many perceive as giveaways to foreign investors.

The most recently signed agreement, the Western Imperial Special Economic Zone, is expected to occupy over 500 acres of land in Jennings and Five Islands.

It will also have miles of what amounts to an economic buffer zone, which many say will impact negatively on small businesses now operating in that space.

Unlimited concessions and tax exemptions are also of major concern to the United Progressive Party (UPP), among other concerned residents and citizens.

Browne says that amendments will be made to the Act in order to dispel rumours that the investors will not have to pay taxes.

Concerns are being expressed that these investors will also have their own ports of entry and Customs facilities.  But Browne says that a reliable port system is vital for the operation of these zones, and this is why the Government is redeveloping the port infrastructure.