Bus and taxi drivers and Gov’t have not agreed on fuel subsidy, says Union VP, who says consultations should have come first

Bus and taxi operators are still in discussion with the relevant authorities regarding the quantity of discounted fuel they should receive at the pumps as part of the 25 percent discount the Government is offering.

The Gaston Browne Administration, last Tuesday, March 15, abruptly announced an increase in the price of fuel of over $3 per gallon.  This caused great concern among public-transportation operators and fishermen, who were eventually granted the subsidy.   

However, Ian Joseph, President of the United Taxi Company (UTC) and Vice President of the Public Transportation Union (PTU), says that officials are making decisions without first consulting those who will be impacted.

As a result, the taxi and bus operators do not agree with the quantity of fuel on which the Government hopes to give a concession.

Joseph says the public-transportation operators felt they could not cushion the 25% increase in such a short time.

He complains that those who sit in offices should not make certain decisions, since they are not acquainted with the full picture.  This is why consultations are so very vital, he says.

The public transportation operators will be receiving this subsidy until the price of fuel drops on the world market, and Prime Minister Gaston Browne has hinted that this could be when the next shipment of fuel arrives here.

Joseph says the Union will be keeping its eyes on happenings worldwide to ensure that its members are not disadvantaged as it pertains to the price of fuel.

Initially, Prime Minister Browne had asked the bus and taxi operators to hold strain until the prices of fuel on the world market fell.