Pringle responds to colleagues’ endorsement of competitor in leadership race

The following statement was released last night, March 11, by the
Hon. Jamale Pringle.

Subsequent to calls from several media in relation to an online
report in which MP Richard Lewis was endorsed by nine members
of the United Progressive Party’s recent election slate, I wish to put
on record the following:

I had no advice to that effect from the group, nor any individual
within the group, regarding their decision; and the publication of
these letters came as a surprise to me, as it did to most Party
Members and supporters.

I had no prior discussion with the members of the group prior to the
writing of these letters or their publication.

My understanding was that all campaigning for the position of
Political Leader was to remain internal – within the Party – as
directed by the Convention Planning Committee and endorsed by
the Party’s Central Executive on which all Parliamentarians sit.

My singular concern is the health of the Party and the attendant
confidence of its Members and Supporters in my actions.

As I demonstrated in 2009 and again in 2014, the good of the United
Progressive Party comes ahead of my personal feelings and
ambitions and will continue to do so.

I will also continue – as I began in 2018 – to defend the Party, and
the People who have put their trust in the UPP, against the ploys of
the Antigua Labour Party, and I encourage our loyal supporters to
do the same.

Long live the United Progressive Party!