Shugy refutes Browne’s ‘braffing and flossing’ accusations, noting he had been doing well before politics

Prime Minister Gaston Browne appears to have an obsession with
the United Progressive Party (UPP) candidate for St. Mary’s South,
Kelvin “Shugy” Simon, and some critics say they find it to be sick and

On Saturday, September 23, the prime minister posted on his
Facebook page about seven photos of Simon at various locations in
Antigua and overseas.
In his caption, Browne accused the former MP of entering politics to
promote himself, and claimed “that Simon immediately after
winning the seat in January prioritized braffing and flossing,
abandoning the people.”
Browne was also critical of the UPP candidate’s resignation, saying,
“To add insult to injury, he abandoned his parliamentary seat by
During the UPP rally in Urlings last Thursday, September 21, Simon
referred to Browne’s allegations and noted that this is not the first
time he is making such accusations.
In setting the record straight, Simon told his audience that the salary
of an opposition MP is $4,500 a month plus traveling and
constituency allowances – all taxable income.
Simon says that his earnings before politics were well above what
he is now making, so the prime minister’s claims are ludicrous.
He notes that no one can get rich from being in politics alone; and
those who enter do so either for the love of country and people – or
to engage in side deals to become rich, like Browne has admonished
his ministers to do.
Meanwhile, Browne’s critics say he would be better off
concentrating on his work – including providing regular pipe-borne
water – than continuing his unhealthy obsession with Simon’s
appearance and activities and ranting on social media.