Gun-toting bandit orders Golden Grove woman to strip so he can make a getaway after robbing her of $350

A Golden Grove Extension woman was robbed at gunpoint by a masked man, according to a report made to the Grays Farm Police Station.

Reports say the woman had just arrived home from work at about 1:30 a.m. on December 2 and, while she was trying to get into her house, an unknown man appeared behind her, brandishing a black handgun.

The gunman, who reportedly was wearing a black mask, pointed the gun at her and ordered her to empty the contents of her handbag onto a nearby blue drum.  Reportedly, he then stole $350 cash from her bag.

The bandit then ordered the woman to strip, and she complied, and thereafter he fled the scene on foot. 

The perpetrator is described as being of a slim build, about 5 feet10 inches tall, and was dressed entirely in black.

While the Police conducted a search of the immediate surroundings, no one fitting the description was found. 

Meanwhile, in the courts, there have been several convictions for various offences, including a sex crime.

Dwayne Branch of Green Bay appeared before Magistrate Conliffe Clark on charges of battery and larceny.

He pleaded guilty to the battery offence and was convicted and fined $750 to be paid on or before December 10. If he fails to pay the sum, he will be imprisoned for six months.

Branch had pleaded not guilty to the larceny charge; but following a trial he was found guilty by the Magistrate.  For this offence, he has to pay a fine of $1,000, on or before December 19, or in default will serve six months in prison. 

He was ordered to pay compensation of $1,000 to the victim, as well, and faces a six-month sentence if it is not paid.  His sentences are to run concurrently.

Branch was also placed on a bond to keep the peace with the victim for one year.

Meanwhile, 37-year-old Desean Grigg (of no fixed place of abode) appeared before Senior Magistrate Dexter Wason on charges of house break-in, larceny, and receiving. 

He pleaded guilty and was convicted and sentenced to six months in prison.

In the meantime, in the High Court of Justice, a Pares Village man who was indicted for rape and unlawful sexual intercourse on March 20, 2019, appeared before Justice Anne Marie Smith.

He pleaded not guilty to the rape but admitted guilt for unlawful sexual intercourse.  He will be sentenced on January 19, 2023.

The Police are now investigating a similar incident in which a 20-year-old woman reported that she was sexually assaulted by a man with whom she is familiar.

This offence reportedly occurred on November 24 at Dickenson Bay.