Incomplete sidewalk on Wireless Road is creating driving and health hazard, caretaker Bird tells Works Ministry

Sean Bird, the United Progressive Party (UPP) caretaker for St.
John’s Rural East, is calling on the Ministry of Works to fix the
deteriorating Wireless Road.
Bird says that Minister of Works Maria Browne – who,
coincidentally, is the area’s parliamentary representative – had
begun work on the eastern section of that road, which was dug up in
preparation for re-casting the sidewalk.
However, the rainfall that accompanied the two recent storms
halted the work; and, since then, the excavation remains filled with
Bird says the water has caused the roadway to deteriorate even
further and has made it narrower; therefore, it is more difficult for
two vehicles going in opposite directions to navigate.
The UPP caretaker says the Works Ministry should repair the
roadway soonest and remove the water that has been there for
weeks, since it can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. And
the country is already dealing with an increase in dengue cases over
these last several weeks, Bird reminds the authorities.

Speaking further about the poor infrastructure in the Rural East
constituency, Bird points out that the Hawkins Drive area will be in
serious trouble in another hurricane season if the flooding in that
location is not addressed.  
The roads there are not in the best condition, Bird says, and he has
had issues with the front end of his vehicle since recently traversing
this area.
Bird says the Browne Administration is not prudent with its
spending, having squandered millions of taxpayers’ dollars on the
recent St. Mary’s South by-election – only to lose the seat.
The Government has its priorities twisted and the people deserve
better leadership, he says.