Man kidnapped, robbed of his car and personal belongings, and fired on by masked man in Collins area

A Jamaican man had his car, phone, and other personal belongings
stolen during a robbery, and the Police are investigating the
Reports say the 20-year-old Swetes Village resident was robbed at
gunpoint by an unknown man, and the matter was reported to
the Willikies Police Station last Wednesday, February 28.

The victim told officers that the alleged robber stole his white
Honda Accord motorcar with gold rims, registration number
A65421, which contained his I-Phone 8, a leather wallet, and other
personal items. 
This offence reportedly occurred at about 9:45 a.m. on February 28,
outside the Verandah Resort.

Reports say the young man parked his car outside the fence on the
southern side of the resort, and, while exiting the vehicle, observed a
man – about six feet tall, dark in complexion, and of a slim build –
next to the vehicle.

The unknown man was dressed in a grey hoodie and dark-coloured
pants and wore a ski-mask; he was also armed with a silver pistol.
Reportedly, the robber pointed the gun at him and ordered him to
get into the back seat of his own car, which he did. 
The robber then got into the driver’s seat of the victim’s car and
drove to the Collins area, in a bushy area north of the Antigua Public
Utilities Authority pump house.
As the alleged gunman was driving to this area, the victim claims
he looked back and saw a white Toyota Axio trailing his vehicle. 
That car reportedly followed his to the Collins area, but no one
came out of it.
The robber then ordered the Swetes man out of his car and told him
to walk in a westerly direction.
While doing so, he allegedly heard the man charging the weapon. He
looked back and noticed that the man was bent over, picking up a
round from the ground, and the victim used the opportunity to make
good his escape. 
At that point, the gunman discharged two rounds at him.
The victim later found his way to the Willikies Police Station, where
he reported the offences. 
A search was carried out in the area and one spent shell was
retrieved by the Police.