All positions on Central Executive are open to contest, with three vying for political leader, UPP officer confirms

Plans for the United Progressive Party’s (UPP) Convention, set for
April, are coming together, according to the Party’s public relations
officer, Damani Tabor.
All positions are open on the Central Executive – which will run the
affairs of the Party for the next two years – including that of political
leader, which is now held by MP Jamale Pringle.
At least two persons, so far, are challenging Pringle: MP for St. John’s
Rural West Richard Lewis, who challenged for leadership before but
lost to Harold Lovell, and Pearl Quinn-Williams, caretaker for St.
John’s Rural North.
The position of chairman, now held by D.Gisele Isaac, and general
secretary, held by Senator Shawn Nicholas, will also be contested.

Tabor says the Party is excited about hosting the event and that
more information will be made public in the coming weeks. 

Damani Tabor, UPP public relations officer.