Thomas describes City West’s run-down recreational facilities as a crying shame

Alister Thomas is decrying the current condition of the recreational
facilities in St. John’s City West, noting that both the Villa and
Blackburn Parks have become rundown on the watch of Prime
Minister Browne.

As a result, he says, young constituents have no place for recreation
or sporting activities, and the Villa and Point communities comprise
one of the areas with the highest number of unemployed young
Added to that, says Thomas,

the United Progressive Party (UPP) caretaker, City West has the
worst-looking environment – even though the head of the
Government is its parliamentary representative.
According to Thomas, the two playing fields that would normally
attract a number of children, including some from other
communities, are not in any condition that would invite use.

In fact, Thomas says, one is completely out of use – even by the Villa
Primary School students, who would utilize the field for sporting
According to Thomas, it is a crying shame that both parks are out of
service, since many of the community’s outstanding members once
used them as their stomping ground.

Alister Thomas, the United Progressive Party caretaker for St.
John’s City West.