A gym to advance national-level athletes is needed, ‘Shugy’ says, but marijuana use among youth is counter-productive

MP Kelvin “Shugy” Simon is recommending that the Government pursue the establishment of a gym that is designed for the benefit of national athletes.

A former national basketball player, himself, Simon recalls competing against teams that were not necessarily more talented – but were much stronger, physically, since those athletes had had the benefit of strength training.

That is what the local stars lack, he says, and this aspect needs to be developed in a dedicated national facility – not just to build physical strength, but to cultivate “bonding” among national sports representatives.  

Simon also asks the Administration to develop sports facilities through which the physically challenged and the elderly can engage in wellness exercises and pursuits.  No one should be denied the opportunity to be healthy, he says.

And while facilities are important, there is another aspect to health for which MP Simon holds the Government responsible.

Addressing the controversial subject of marijuana use among the youth, the St. Mary’s South representative is warning the Browne Administration that “access increases the use of any substance.”

He was careful to note that he is not against the decriminalization of cannabis; he is, however, concerned that no policy is in place to monitor and restrict its use by vulnerable young people.

Quoting the American Addiction Centres, Simon explains that the use of drugs reduces cognitive function in teens – who are then often blamed for their erratic and violent behaviour.  

In this regard, Simon is calling out Prime Minister Browne for threatening MP Asot Michael with physical violence – a thump in the face – during the recent election campaign.  

Browne provided a poor example to the youth, Simon says, and, therefore owes this country’s young people an apology for what amounts to his bad behaviour.