St. Mary’s South rep invites Browne Administration to collaborate, so that young sports talent does not go to waste

In his maiden presentation in the House of Representatives today, Tuesday, March 14, MP Kelvin ‘Shugy’ Simon had a message for the Gaston Browne Administration: “Don’t let arrogance be your guide.”

The St. Mary’s South representative was encouraging the Government side to seek advice and pursue collaboration with the United Progressive Party in an effort to ensure that young sporting talent does not go to waste.

Specifically, Simon was encouraging the Administration to look about establishing a high-performance school for student-athletes, where they could develop both their athletic and academic abilities.

Commending Dr. Colin Greene, principal of the Princess Margaret School (PMS) for the role he plays in this regard, Simon notes that young people need nurturing and training in their sport if they are to attain the next level of performance.  

Simon says he pays attention to talented students – having spent 16 years in the system as a counselor and as a sponsor of the basketball team at his son’s school, the St. Mary’s School of Excellence.  

In this regard, the St. Mary’s South MP also sees the need for women’s sports to be developed and supported.  He refers to a young woman, a pupil of the PMS, whom he describes as phenomenally gifted in basketball.    

However, he laments that, after having a distinguished school career, her talent has nowhere else to go after she graduates, since there are no female leagues in which she can continue to develop her gift.

Among the facilities and equipment needed to further careers in sports, Simon advises the Administration to invest in some high-quality cameras.  

It is not enough for State TV to record a few minutes of a game for news purposes, he notes.  Rather, it needs special equipment to capture the type of footage that international scouts would require from aspiring athletes who are seeking scholarships and professional opportunities.