Man brandishes ‘butcher knife’ at superette employee and takes off with $1,300 cash after broad-daylight robbery

Investigations are underway into a daring daylight robbery during which a Lightfoot West business was relieved of $1,300 in cash by an unknown man.

The offence, which occurred on April 19, at about 1:30 p.m., was reported to the All Saints Police Station.

Reports say the man entered the D’Jazz Superette while a female employee was stocking shelves at the front.

While carrying out her duties, the victim reportedly glanced at the business’ camera and saw a young man with a black shirt around his head.  She is said to have gotten up, met him at the door, and told him he could not enter the superette dressed like that.

Reportedly, the man then attempted to force himself into the business place and a struggle ensued between him and the worker.

It is reported that the intruder then brandished a “butcher knife” and demanded money from the female employee.  Accordingly, she went to the cash register and handed over the day’s earnings.

The intruder reportedly then took up the woman’s A51 Samsung phone, valued at $2,500, and fled from the scene in a northern direction.

Officers reportedly carried out a search of the surrounding area for anyone fitting the description of the perpetrator – but were not successful in finding him.

Meanwhile, a 42-year-old woman came face to face with a man who had breached her home in search of money.

The Nut Grove resident telephoned the Grays Farm Police Station and reported the incident.

Reportedly, the victim told officers she had been in her bedroom when the door was pushed open and a light was pointed in her face.  She then heard a male voice say, “Keep quiet and don’t move.”

Further reports say the intruder took her bag from the closet, searched it, and stole $40. He then ransacked a chest of drawers where he reportedly found a black purse containing $400 in Canadian currency and US$200, which he also pocketed.

The man then exited the house through the kitchen door and ran off in a southerly direction.

The police reportedly made checks around the house and discovered where the intruder had gained entry.  Reportedly, he had used a flat object to push through the keyhole of a kitchen door that was not properly secured.

The alleged house-breaker is described as short, dark in complexion, and of a slim build.  A search for anyone fitting the description was carried out in the area but was not successful.

This offence reportedly occurred at about 3:45 a.m. on April 19.