UPP St. Mary’s North Campaign Manager lashes Sir Molwyn for his sweet talk and says neglected residents are up to his tricks

Leon George, Campaign Manager for Senator Johnathan Joseph, is crying shame on Sir Molwyn Joseph, saying the parliamentary representative for St. Mary’s North has been missing in action for some time.

Within the last weeks, constituents have complained about the deplorable condition of several communities, including uncollected garbage, an infestation of mosquitoes, and poor roads.

However, about two Sundays ago, George says, Sir Molwyn went campaigning with his team, seeking support from residents.

According to George, the MP believes that, at the eleventh hour, he can go into the constituency and sweet-talk the people. However, he says that residents are up to Sir Molwyn’s tricks.

The campaign manager accuses MP Joseph of having done nothing meaningful for the constituency over the past eight years and even longer.

On the other hand, George refers to Senator Joseph and members of the United Progressive Party’s Redeem Team as men of action who care about people.  He says that Sir Molwyn and his colleagues are devoid of ideas and need to allow “fresh blood” lead the country.