Ammunition reportedly stolen from vehicle on Redcliffe Street was issued to police officer

The alleged theft of 13 rounds of ammunition has aroused suspicion in certain quarters, since the person making the report is said to be a police officer attached to the Magistrates Court.

The Urlings man reported that the ammunition and several pieces of identification had been stolen from his vehicle, a rental, which he had left parked, on Redcliffe Street, overnight Thursday.

Reportedly, a window on the vehicle had been broken and a blue knapsack containing the items was taken.

In his professional capacity, sources tell REAL News, the officer had been issued exactly 13 rounds of ammunition. Therefore, they are asking, with suspicion, why the constable would have been carrying an unloaded firearm in the first place, or no gun at all.

They say this incident is most unfortunate and particularly alarming, since it highlights the poor judgement and gross negligence of the police officer.

They note that the Traffic Department Head, ASP Rodney Ellis, has warned the public repeatedly not to leave valuables in parked vehicles.

Further, they say, the police officer should have taken into account the recent spate of vehicle break-ins and the mounting number of gun crimes now under investigation.

They tell REAL News they hope the missing ammunition has not fallen into – or been sold to – the wrong hands.